FMWhatsApp download little easter egg

Round 1:

FMWhatsApp welfare group chat

ZhenRen XuanYi :[ 5 Ataraxia grass for $15,First come first, buy first. ]

Earl Gula :[Who is missing this thing? I’m selling Ancient Colt blood, $1000 a drop, with beautifying properties and diluting. There are only 10 drops so far.First come first, buy first. ]

ZhenRen XuanYi :[ Exchanging Red Envelopes]

ZhenRen XuanYi :[ This friend, don’t worry, I’m waiting for someone with a predestined relationship.]

Holding the new mobile phone he just bought, Long Aotian looked at the great power in the group in surprise, saw the red envelope sent by ZhenRen XuanYi, and subconsciously clicked to grab the red envelope.

FMWhatsApp instantly pops up a message:

[Cngratulations on getting Ataraxia Elixir *5]

[Congratulations on winning the King of Luck, reward group points*5]

Long Aotian doubtfully pointed his finger on the Ataraxia Elixi he had just acquired.

“Are you taking it out?”

“Yes?” “No?”

Long Aotian looked blankly at Ataraxia Elixir who suddenly appeared in his hand,Then look at the FMWhatsApp welfare group again,Click on the group chat members of 499 people.It was found that the group leader is called Peace Fairy.

In the portrait, she is holding a handful of sand,smiling brightly at the seaside……No, what am I doing?

Long Aotian devoured one of the Ataraxia Elixirs.Immediately, he felt like his heart was stagnant, his head was empty, and he entered a mysterious and mysterious state.

His body was also very comfortable, and the fatigue accumulated from long-term work was swept away. He looked at the remaining four Ataraxia Elixirs, and his eyes lit up.

The news in the group interrupted Long Aotian’s thoughts.He opened the FMWhatsApp welfare group chat,One by one, the news quickly refreshed.

I am ZhenRen JingShui :[Why didn’t I get it? Senior brother is not kind, why doesn’t the newly released Ataraxia Elixir have my share?]

Earl Gula :[Withdraw what I just said,Thanks to Ataraxia Elixir of ZhenRen XuanYi.If you have Beauty Elixir next time, remember to sell it,I want it all.]

Enchanter Dean is me :[What did I miss?]

Mixed Aay Aya the most beautiful : [ Miss a billion ]

Hot Wheels the most handsome :[Miss a billion ]

Long Aotian looked at the screen in front of him,murmured : No, no, no, is this world mysterious?

An hour ago:

Long Aotian frowned at the old mobile phone : Alas, why the phone is broken again. Today is my 24-year-old birth year, buy a mobile phone to reward yourself.

So Long Aotian went to the nearest business hall that sells mobile phones. He was dazzled by the mobile phones inside, so he came to the front desk: “Is there any mobile phones with high cost performance?”

After Long Aotian made the payment, he was about to leave when he was stopped by MM at the front desk: “I see that you are very kind. Would you like to add a friend on FMWhatsApp? If you come to buy something from me in the future, I can give you a 10% discount.”

And this good thing? Long Aotian and the front desk MM exchanged friends and left, but did not see the flashing smile on the front desk MM’s face after adding his friend.

Long Aotian was walking on the road, playing with the phone he just bought, and found that the front desk MM just pulled him into a group chat called FMWhatsApp welfare group chat…

fm whatsapp latest version 2022 update
fm whatsapp latest version 2022 update

Round 2 :

“Let’s break up.” The delicate girl stepped on 5cm high heels and appeared in front of him with a man on her arm.

“Why?” He stared at his girlfriend, whom he had cherished for three years,He walked forward with no expression, and stopped 1m from the person in front of him.

The delicate girl seems to have been stepped on the sore spot:”Why? Why are you still asking me? Look at how you are now. You have been working outside for 5 years, and you have not achieved anything. You can’t even give me a promise!”

She looked at the man on the right side gently: “Jun Zi is different. He is personable and has a successful career. He will give me everything I want.”

“I heard Xiaoren say your name is Long Aotian? The name is quite arrogant. Xiaoren has nothing to do with you from today, so don’t bother her in the future.” Wei Junzi looked at Long Aotian in front of him with disdain.

Long Aotian clenched his fists unconsciously: “Zhen Xiaoren, don’t regret it!”

“If I stay with you again, I will regret it! Don’t bother me in the future.” After speaking, Zhen Xiaoren stepped on her high heels and dragged Wei Junzi away with no nostalgia.

Long Aotian took out his mobile phone uncontrollably and opened the FMWhatsApp welfare group:

Ganapati: [Why haven’t you seen Lfish bubbling out lately? ]

Casino Bully: [I heard that he has been very busy recently and is going to go out to relax. ]

Know All: [I know where he is, does Ganapati do anything good to find him? ]

Ganapati: [Recently, I accidentally obtained a basic body training book, which is of no use to me. Thinking of Lfish’s special physique, I gave this book to him to try. Since he is busy recently, then forget it. Book people a chance. ]

Ganapati: [Exchanging Red Envelopes]

Long Aotian hurriedly clicked,

Immediately after FMWhatsApp pops up a message:

[Congratulations on getting the basic body training book*1]

“Yes?” “No?”

Long Aotian clicked it out without hesitation, looked at the book that appeared out of thin air in his hand, he turned to the first page, there was only a Stick figures depicting sitting with his legs folded, and there were stars around the Stick figures depicting.

I didn’t understand it, but when I opened the following pages, it was all a villain doing one action after another. Although there were only a few strokes in the outline of the villain, every action in it was very easy to understand.

Long Aotian hurriedly went home to try this cross-legged meditation. The two palms were bent in a semicircle, the middle fingers were connected, and the thumbs naturally kept a distance. His arms were slightly bent on his thighs, and he closed his eyes as in the book.

It was boring at first, but after a long time, Long Aotian remembered his girlfriend, no, it should be said to be his ex-girlfriend. I also work hard and want to give her what I think is the best . Xiaoren has also hinted that he wants to get married many times, but he has no savings to start a family now, so he has been acting stupid.

Long Aotian immediately recalled his own life, and he was as confused as Zhen Xiaoren said. He worked hard to escape reality, and now he didn’t even have a girlfriend. He decided to cheer up, but he was so powerless, he was so ordinary, he was nothing but a good-looking face.

The more he thought about it, the more depressed he became. Suddenly, Long Aotian entered a mysterious state. He couldn’t open his eyes, but he felt a faint touch.The particles seemed to comfort him. Long Aotian tried to reach out and touch them in the dark. He touched one, two, three… Then he felt the particles rush towards him quickly.

It seemed that a layer of shackles had been broken through in his body, and he felt that the whole person was relaxed, and the surrounding stars were dancing beside him, slowly approaching him.

Long Aotian opened his eyes. At the moment of his breakthrough, there were a lot of things in his mind, a field that most people in this world can’t reach!

Round 3 :

Long Aotian got up and took two steps, and found himself much lighter. He opened the FMWhatsApp welfare group, excited, and he wanted to thank these two people.

After looking at the balance of the APP wallet, he immediately clicked on the page for developing red envelopes, and clicked on the option inside. There was only a white square and the words “Send red envelopes”.

white square? Can’t you give money? He was puzzled and tried to click on the white box.

[Please put the item on the white cloth and aim the camera at it]

Looking at the page that popped up on FMWhatsApp, Long Aotian shook his hand with the phone and quickly exited.

What items do I have in return for them? He looked around and saw the one-bedroom, one-bedroom house with very few things. Forget it, when he has the strength, he must repay them!

Long Aotian: [Thank you.jpg]

He posted a bunny emoticon package made by himself, which was very naive, and instantly captured the hearts of the beautiful girls in the group.

Fairy 1: [What a cute rabbit! ]

Fairy 2: [I like it so much…]

Fairy 3: [If Sister Chang’e’s rabbit makes such a move, I…] [blush.jpg]

tree chopping rabbit: [Be careful of you upstairs! ! ! I’m male! ! ! ]

Long Aotian clicked on the rabbit’s head. Inside was a young man in a green shirt leaning slightly against a tree. If he could ignore the two long ears on his head and the axe in his hand, he might be a gentle and jade-like man. Long Aotian went back to the bedroom, turned on his self-assembled computer, and started making emojis. He found that his accuracy seemed to be higher when he made it…

tree chopping rabbit: [Sister Chang’e has been very busy recently, so I dragged this person into the group, and then went diving. Are there any other sisters who will accompany me to chop down the tree? ]

Fairy 4: [Brother Yutu, are you kidding me? How long have you been chopping down that tree? I remember Brother Wu Gang chopping it down? Why are you chopping? ]

tree chopping rabbit: [Isn’t this a lost bet with Wu Gang, let me help him for a while, will the kind fairy sister accompany me to relieve fatigue? Reward carrots]

Fairy 4: [Ah, Brother Yutu, I suddenly remembered something, so I went to work first]

tree chopping rabbit: [Alas, Sister Fairy is so ruthless]

Long Aotian: [akimps and smiles.GIF]

Long Aotian sent the dynamic rabbit expression pack he just made to the group – an anthropomorphic rabbit wearing a jade crown standing on a tree stump with his hands on his hips and smiling. Because it was a Q version, the group instantly boiled over.

Fairy 1: [Wow! Yutu, is this you? hahahaha—]

Fairy 2: [Jade Rabbit, you are so cute, hahahaha]

Fairy 3: [Brother Yutu, your laurel tree is finally cut down, you are so cute]

tree chopping rabbit: [blush.jpg]

tree chopping rabbit: [This, this… No wonder my sister pulls you into the group, it’s really amazing. ]

Fairy 4: [Brother Aotian, can you also make two emoticons that belong to me, this is so cute! ! ! I can give you peaches in exchange. ]

Fairy 1: [ +1 ]

Fairy 2: [ +2 ]

Fairy 3: [ +3 ]

Long Aotian: [My pleasure , it happens that I have nothing to do, everyone wait a moment]

His usual social interactions revolve around his ex-girlfriend, and he has no social circle. Looking at the active atmosphere in the group, there may be a reason why his grief was diluted after breaking up with his girlfriend. Long Aotian felt the long-lost relaxation.

Round 4

When Long Aotian made the expression pack, he clearly felt that the thoughts in his mind were much clearer than before, and he was no longer confused. Could it be the reason for that book?

After making the expression pack and sending it to the FMWhatsApp welfare group, Long Aotian continued to cross his legs and followed the movements in the basic exercise book.

The thumb and ring finger of the left hand are bent, the index finger and middle finger are straight, placed in front of the forearm of the right hand, the ring finger and the little finger of the right palm are slightly bent, the rest of the fingers are naturally straight, and the palm follows the stars. into that mysterious state.

The surrounding stars have shown an orderly stream entering his dantian with the transparent airflow. Originally, he planned to go to sleep after practicing for a while, but he did not expect that the stream would reach 4 in the morning after running a circle in his body.

Long Aotian doesn’t feel sleepy, but is very energetic. The company has to wait until 8:30 to go to work, and he can’t fall asleep during this extra time. If he is interrupted in half of his practice, he will be backlashed. How to do.

In order to earn more money to spend for his ex-girlfriend, he did not choose a job with a basic salary. He is now operating in a clothing company. If he does it, the performance will be very high. After he left the society, he was also very interested in this aspect. , so he worked part-time on the road and learned some relevant knowledge by himself. It took him two years to work as an assistant before he got promoted. Now with the two years of assistant, he has also stayed in this company for three years, and the turnover of the store he operates has It’s not enough, plus the meager basic salary, it’s just enough for him to struggle with his girlfriend’s life on the level.

After thinking about it, he fell asleep. The moment the alarm clock rang, he was awake, and he was refreshed. After cleaning up, he went to work as usual.

meeting room–

“Long Aotian, look at your performance for several months in a row!” Long Aotian looked at the superior leader in front of him and lowered his head. Compared with other colleagues, he was indeed not as good as them.

“Aotian, if your performance doesn’t improve this month, change your post!” Xia Yan looked at him expressionlessly after listening.

“Yeah.” He has been here for three years, and he knows Xia Yan’s temperament very well. If he refutes any word in public, he will end badly. Last time, a newcomer in the company refuted Xia Yan, and Xia Yan was expressionless. Arranged a lot of errands for that person, which is called exercise, and he was not allowed to work overtime, so he was asked to complete it within the working day, but all the work was done by newcomers, but the amount was very large. The newcomer at the back Under the increasing pressure, mistakes were made, which damaged the interests of the company. Xia Yan seized on this and directly fired the newcomer. It took less than a month for the newcomer to be hired, and Xia Yan did not seem to Care about that benefit. Therefore, Long Aotian has no choice but to resign, but this is the last resort.

After the morning meeting, Long Aotian sat in his seat and pondered. He had tried all kinds of methods before, and he had also tried paid advertisements, but he didn’t know why others were effective, but he had nothing to do with him. improvement. Long Aotian, who has practiced, has a fast brain, and his memory has improved a lot. He thought about some things that he had forgotten before, so he reviewed the memories of the beginning of his shop operation one by one, and spent a day using the form to make some time. and related operations are listed and aggregated into data.

After a quick meal after get off work, I flipped through some books about operations, and collected successful cases from authoritative stores on the Internet for analysis. He found that cultivation can replace sleeping, and use the time spent sleeping every night for cultivation. After spending a week in this way, he finally found his weak spot, and spent another day making a detailed plan, which took two weeks to implement.

Finally, in the last week of the month stipulated by President Xia, the sales data of the store is steadily increasing.

A month has finally come, Long Aotian stepped into the conference room, saw Xia Yan looking at him with a smile on the opposite side, and guessed what Xia Yan was going to say.

“Aotian, you are very good, and you really did not disappoint us. Let me share your experience with you, right?” Although it is a question, it has a tone that cannot be rejected.

Long Aotian nodded slightly, “Everyone’s path to success cannot be replicated. What I can do is to find my weakness, analyze the data of others’ success, and finally integrate my own characteristics.”


After the next morning meeting, Long Aotian went directly to Xia Yan’s office and handed in his resignation form.

Round 5 : To be continued

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